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Smashing Rs. 1,80,00,000+ in Revenue with a Brand New Pixel and Zero Data.



2450% Growth

Google Ads

Rs. 1,80,000,00+

Overall Sales

Our Process

Step 01

Brand Audit

We acquired the client and did a complete Brand Audit to identify multiple revenue streams.
Step 02

Funnel Creation

We then set up the Funnel Strategy, Creative Audit, and designed the PLAN of Action.
Step 03

3-Layer Ads Testing Phases

After completing the audit and setting up the blueprint, we deployed the 3-layer Ads testing phases to turn on the sales mode.
Step 04

Skyrocket Scaling

After completing the initial steps, it was the time for Skyrocket Scaling. We then started the Scaling process with our propriety SOSMONTM strategy.

Challenges with this Project:

We onboarded the client in July 2019. The client was unaware of Online power. He had previously focused only on offline stores.

They hadn’t focused on performance marketing ever before.

The client wanted us to focus on both the Men and Women segment within their website’s offering. The task was challenging as their new women segment was a fresh segment which had to be introduced in their entire offering.

On the other hand, they had limited data to work with and a brand-new Facebook account. It further means a newborn pixel.

A new pixel means that we don’t have any data that could be used to target or retarget our prospects. We had to start from scratch.

After further discussion, we came to know that the client was very particular on the Spends vs Returns ratio, so we had very little room to spin our magic.

We didn’t have any other option else to be laser accurate on the targeting from the word go!

Results with our Captivating Strategy:

On July 19, the very first month, we were able to achieve a massive 6X Return on Ads Spend (ROAS) on a spend of close to Rs. 3,50,000. This was the first time the client had seen this much surge in the orders.

This was just the beginning. We then combined both Facebook Ads and Google Ads in the following month and the result was astonishing. We scaled beyond 11X ROAS.

Not only this, but we also got the client completely OUT OF STOCK in the very first couple of months since they weren’t prepared for that kind of demand.

Wondering how this happened?

We combined a multiple set of strategies, right from creating a focused group of audiences from various interest levels, to look alike audiences, to custom targeting.

Through our constant efforts and strategic mindset, we were able to deploy the 3 crucial phases of scaling model on multi-threaded approach: [Testing phase, Prospecting Phase and the Scaling Phase]

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