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SOSMON™ SOSMON™ is a New Aged Way Of Performance marketing where we focus on a
Methodological Approach of Running Ads

SOSMON™ Explanation:


Situation Analysis

1. Is there anything in the current situation of brand which we can scale up rapidly in terms of data.

2. The strength and weakness of the current situation of the brand.



Clearance of the objectives on the basis of the situation analysis and the core KPI’s. Here we focus on 2 scenarios:

  1. What client wants?
  2. What can the brand be actually taken to?


Strategy is devised on the basis of objectives.

If you want to get fundings, scale $100k, grow in phases or get maximum sales on a Black Friday Sale, the strategy is build accordingly.


Modular Segmentation

Segmentation of different marketing channels on the basis of the growth mentality. We design the Ad campaigns on the basis of what will be the perfect channel for your brand’s success instead of following a heard mentality.


Optimization - Audience + Creatives

Selection of a right set of Audience and Creatives for A/B Testing to bring out the best CTR’s and CPM’s possible.


Neuro Marketing

Bumping up of revenues on the basis of the best trigger points and trends to hit the emotional aspect of our target audiences.

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